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Enjoy Free US Shipping on Orders Over $75! (Pre-Tax)

The Best Baby Shower Cards Your Bestie Really Wants

Tired of the same ol’ baby shower / new mom cards with “congrats on the new baby” or “yay! you’re having a little girl”. Meh, us too. So we created our own (hollar).

Today we released 5 of the best baby shower cards your bestie REALLY wants / needs.



Here’s the thing, the new mom you’re celebrating with this beautiful baby shower with… or the mom who’s tired AF after just giving birth to their her new little baby boy… doesn’t need another “Congrats!’ card.

Let her know you’re there. REALLY there. Let her know she’s not alone. That it’s hard, but you’re here. Really here! That she can call you day or night because you’ve been there. No more conversations weeks, months, years later asking why she never told you she was struggling so bad. Because you had NO idea.

A simple card can make all the difference in a new moms postpartum and/or breastfeeding journey. Give her the card she REALLY needs.

The best part about these cards, is that most of them are universal. Does your girlfriend have a birthday coming up, maybe a bachelorette party, or maybe your besties just going through a tough time.

Let her know you’re there with our Sister Hood, Pink Boobs or Boobs Boobs Boobs card. Trust me, she’ll love you for it ;)

Mix and match. Snatch any 5 cards for just $20 with the code CARDS5.


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