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The Many Emotions of Motherhood

The Many Emotions of Motherhood

Ever look at your children and just think, " did I ever get this lucky."

I find myself doing that everyday as my babies grow like weeds. Becoming a mother is one big emotional roller coaster! You're happy at every new milestone, yet sad at saying goodbye to the way they were just yesterday. 

Just this week our little one started crawling and I couldn't contain my excitement but then cry that night as I watched her sleep so peacefully, thinking back to day we brought her home. 

Sometimes those early days seem like distant memories, as if I dreamed all those moments away they happened so fast.

Being able to document all these moments through videos and photos is such a blessing. To hope one day my children look back and say, "wow, look at all these amazing moments we all had together."

As we age and mature we sometimes forget the everyday little miracles that happen before our eyes. Clouded with the reality of work, bills, stress, or what have you.

Our children have a way of reminding us just how precious the tiniest events may be and we often times take it for granted. So be sure to enjoy your sweet babies mama, everyday!

Not everyday is going to be filled with skittles and rainbows, but for the most of them, take those photos and videos as often as you can and give them lots and lots and LOTS of kisses.

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-AnnMarie (make sure to follow AnnMarie on Instagram HERE)

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