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Toddler Girl: The Sporty Girl's Guide to Wearing Sneakers

Not all girls are into princesses, skirts, dresses and lipstick... ALL of the time. If you're daughter's anything like mine, she loves playing in the dirt, jumping in puddles, throwing a ball... while still wearing a dress or skirt occasionally. 

Sure, she still loves watching Disney movies with princesses, but not ALL the time. She has NO problem telling people to please NOT call her a princess (lol). I love her strong willed personality, she definitely knows what she wants.

This outfit inspiration is for all the sporty girls out there, for the tomboys... or simply just the little girls who don't care to dress up everyday in a skirt or dress. More power to you babe. 

How to Style Your Little Sporty Girl

Your little modern babe can still look super stylish with a super trendy athleisure look. Try throwing on a fun colorful graphic tank, geometric joggers, stylish backpack and some sneakers. Throw her hair up in a messy bun or soften the look with a loose braid and you've got yourself the perfect sporty outfit with sneakers.

Outfit details below. 

toddler sporty girl outfit ideas

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