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Toddler Outfits: Military Family

baby / toddler style monochrome joggers
baby / toddler harem leggings and joggers. Maroon circle scarf
baby / toddler harem leggings. monochrome joggers
Maroon baby / toddler circle scarf
baby / toddler monochrome harem leggings and joggers
baby / toddler harem leggings and joggers

Hey friends! AnnMarie Woods here and we are new to the Lot801 family.  My daughters name is Shaelyn, my husband is Alfred "Freddy," and we have another baby girl on the way due this summer! As a military family we reside in beautiful Southern California. 

Becoming a mother has been one of my greatest accomplishments, as I'm sure so many mama's can attest too. Being a family that is separated quite often from the duties of military life, the simplest of moments is something we try hard not to take for granted. 

Some of my favorite days with my little one are those quite ones with a minimal agenda. The hectic lifestyle of the average daily life has been replaced by enjoying those times we too often rush through. Waking up to the routine of watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with a bowl of oatmeal, a load of laundry here and there, trips to the park, nap times we sometimes pray for, and waiting on Freddy to arrive home from work just to see Shae sequel in excitement are the moments I don't know how I ever lived without. 

This week we are in Minnesota, on the farm where I was born and raised, celebrating my younger brothers graduation from High School. It's a far cry from Cali life, but I love different things about both places. It's a bitter sweet emotion being home as I have so many memories of time spent with my mother whom we lost six years ago. I long for Shae to experience all that I had as a child away from city life. So this is another beautiful memory for the books. I look forward to continuing to share our stories with all who come across our posts and enjoy it. More to see, more to come! 

Shaelyn styled in our Monochrome Joggers and Maroon Smudge Circle Scarf.


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