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Toddler Outfits: Raising Kids In The City

Lot801 Harem baby and toddler leggings, joggers in ocean blue and black and white

I’m a city girl at heart. I’ve lived in the city for most of my life and I just love being in the hustle and bustle of it all. We lived in downtown Munich and then Toronto for the first two years of Isabelle’s life and, even though we recently moved out of our condo and into a house in a more residential area (there’s something to be said about having a basement to store things when you’ve got two kids), we’re still close to the city and I take my kids there often.

Lot801 baby/toddler harem leggings and joggers in ocean blue

What’s great about raising children in the city is all the walking we do on a daily basis. Everything is so close and you can get all your errands done on foot. Both of my kiddos are people watchers so walking is a win-win in our family. I get to check things off my todo list and the kids enjoy sitting in the stroller and watching the world go by.

Lot801 baby and toddler harem leggings and joggers in ocean blue
Lot801 baby and toddler harem leggings and joggers in ocean blue

I also never missed having a yard those first two years. There are plenty of amazing green spaces and playgrounds in every city we’ve lived in or have visited since having kids. (New York City definitely wins in that department – their playgrounds and splash pads are all to die for!) Having other kids around is an added bonus to heading to the park – fresh air and play date in one!

Lot801 baby and toddler harem leggings in black and white and ocean blue

If you live in Toronto or are ever planning a trip, here are some of my favourite activities for kiddos in the city:

1.     The Aquarium. And not just for the fish. So many interactive areas spread throughout the entire aquarium plus one of the best indoor playgrounds hands down (complete with water table!). Perfect for those cold winter months or rainy spring days. (We have a membership and go almost every week!)

2.     Sugar Beach. You might not be able to take a dip in the lake but there’s white sand, beach chairs, pink umbrellas, and a splash pad.

3.     Centre Island. A ferry ride over, a theme park for littles, beaches, a lovely playground + lots of trails and green space. It’s pretty much toddler heaven!

Lot801 baby and toddler harem leggings and joggers in black and white

4.     The Roundhouse. There are old trains parked outside and a playground that’s perfect for both little and big kids. And for only $3 you can ride a miniature train all around the park!

5.     Biking. There’s a bike trail along the entire length of the Toronto waterfront. You pass loads of beaches, playgrounds, splash pads, and food stands when the kiddos need a break.

6.     Watching airplanes + ferries on the waterfront. Never a dull moment along the waterfront with big airplanes landing at the city airport every few minutes and ferries riding back and forth from the islands. Isabelle could sit there for hours watching all the action!

Lot801 baby and toddler harem leggings and joggers in black and white

There are so many more amazing activities that this wonderful city of ours has to offer for littles but these are hands down our favourites. All downtown, all an easy walkto each other, perfect for those little toddler legs. 

Isabelle styled in our Ocean Blue joggers HERE and little Nicolas styled in our Monochrome joggers HERE.

xo, Sina

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