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Toddler Outfits: Twin Boy Spring Style


I've always loved the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." A month of rain, cooler temps, mud and worms followed by beautifully blossomed flowers and sunshine. To me, it's a reminder that if we want life and abundance we have to welcome the mud. Embracing the messy, challenging moments is key to enjoying the good life.  

But, how do we teach our children to embrace their challenges? Here's a few simple ways that I've started doing to help our children embrace challenges and see them as opportunities for growth as they grow older.



Model Thankfulness

I'm totally guilty of complaining when life gets hard and having "I just need to vent" sessions. Instead, I'm working on my first (or really quick second) reaction be to stop and count my blessings, in front of our kids. The bigger picture is that it will help them to grow, and that’s always a good thing. When we come from a heart of thankfulness, it changes our whole perspective on the situation.



Step Back

As first time parents, we have a tendency to always want to step in and protect our children. Doing that will teach them to rely on others to fix life when it gets messy. Personally, I'm not looking to have twin 30-year-olds still living at home with us. So, I'm taking a step back and letting our toddlers work out their conflicts between themselves, in a healthy way - no more tattle telling.


Impart Tools

Giving them the tools they need to grow through challenges will help them embrace the rain. Sharing stories is a great way to encourage our children to embrace life’s challenges. A cute book on this topic is, "It Will Be Okay" by Lysa TerKeurst. Little Seed and Little Fox face some scary, lonely moments, but there’s a farmer who always has their best in mind and is watching over them. When the farmer took Little Seed and put him in a messy, dark place, he could never have imagined what the farmer knew would happen all along. 

With an attitude of gratitude and faith, we can always see the sunshine of life. 

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-Belin (make sure to follow Belin on Instagram HERE!)

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