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Toddler Outfits: When You Become A Mom, A Lot Changes

When you become a mom, a lot changes. Not only do you have a whole human being to raise now, but your body grows to a state you never thought possible, and you learn to be selfless and more patient. But the most important thing you start to discover is that you are over the bullshit.

When you’re a mom, time becomes so precious that you don’t want to waste an iota of it. Whether it’s walking a little faster through the grocery store or having any important number on speed dial (mine’s Barney’s), you learn to cleanse your life of the unwanted time sucks.

This is directly related to how you begin to look at relationships too. You no longer have time for the “Fluffer” friends who talk solely about themselves and offer nothing to the friendship but a talking head. You start to weed out the bullshit. The people who aren’t authentic start to receive less and less calls and visits. The other mom’s who only talk about how motherhood is perfection and they haven’t had this much sex with their husband, ever, filter their way out of your #momsquad.

You begin to surround yourself with women and moms who tell it as it is: FUCKING TOUGH. Being a mom is a lot of work. Long nights, road rashed nipples, and fat deposits in places you never new you could have fat deposits are the norm and the last thing you want to hear is your friend saying “I actually get a lot of energy in the newborn’s invigorating”. Bullshit... I want camaraderie with fellow moms who are real and can swap war stories of getting peed on or falling down the stairs at 3am while fetching a bottle. It just feels good to know there is someone else in the trenches with you and can tell you that this too shall pass.

So here’s to the moms who tell it like it is...dirty details and all.

Just a disclaimer: To the people that know me and are reading this post, you are NOT a fluffer, I swear you’re not.

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-Chelsea (make sure to follow Chelsea on Instagram HERE)

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