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Toddler Style: Adjusting to Days with Two

This little babe is officially a big sister! We have had a very busy month around here with the arrival of miss Siena. Shae has slowly been taking a liking to her. I think the fact that she is still so young makes it difficult for her to understand why she has to share attention now.

I'm beyond excited to see how the girls will interact with each other as they grow, especially being that they are only a year and a half apart. 

One thing I was terrified of before having another baby was the fear of not knowing how I could ever love another baby as much as I love Shae. But, from the moment Siena was born, it wasn't even a question.

The gift of motherhood is amazing in ways you can't even fathom until it's given to you. It's honestly the most truest form of love.

We have been entrusted with a life to nurture, protect, and guide them to the best of our abilities. They are my most precious gifts and I'm forever grateful to be their mother. 

We haven't left the house much aside from a quick trip home for the 4th. So we spend our time staying comfy and getting our fresh air outside our tiny home.

Im still mastering how to take two out of the car seats and into a store lol. Hope everyone is enjoying there summer as it's flying by.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and take a peek at the newest member of our family. Until next month! 

Little Shae styled super comfy in our Monochrome joggers

-AnnMarie (make sure to follow AnnMarie on Instagram HERE)

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