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Enjoy Free US Shipping on Orders Over $75! (Pre-Tax)

Toddler Style: Cool Summer Style

For some reason my girls have had as much studio fever as I have had this summer. They come into my room, turn on the lights, and then Margot immediately says "cheeeese!" Finley then asks if we can "turn on the Beastie Boys and take some pics?" Hahahaha! (Nature and nurture winning in the latter part.)

It's important for me, personally, as a stay at home working Mom, that I share my love for photography with my girls. I want them to remember me being passionate about something besides being their Mama. I love that they are seeing WHO their Mom is and it doesn't hurt that they love being in front of the lens;)

Finley styled in our Blood Orange joggers & Stay Focused tee, and Margot in our Ocean Blue joggers

-Natalie (make sure to follow Natalie on Instagram HERE)

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