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Toddler Style: No is the New Black

It’s so funny that when you have kids, you expect them to be a lot like you. They’ll look like you, talk like you, pick up the same mannerisms as you, etc. But I never stopped to think about whether or not this was going to make it easier or harder to raise my mini me.

I say that in jest because I, myself, am a handful. I’m loud, outspoken, with the filtering system of a broken pool drain...everything gets through. I always thought these were great traits to have and got me through life. Now, when it comes full circle, and your babies become exactly like you, you know karma is a real live thing.

For me, daily life consists of a very outspoken little person telling me exactly what she thinks at the exact time she thinks it. She knows how to the work the system to get what she wants (we operate on the same system). Also, this little tyrant has made the word “No” the new black.

This is obviously a great thing too. I’m constantly laughing (we have the same humor), we have similar interests (Barbies are my jam), and I have a shopping partner who never says she can’t go to the mall because of her credit card bills. It’s brilliant!

I’ve valued these traits in my life because they have made me a strong and independent person. That’s why I’m so glad my little mirror image has taken all the traits I value. Taking these on means she won’t take shit from anyone, will speak out against injustice, and just be a straight up gangsta boss.

This little babe styled in our Ocean Blue Joggers

-Chelsea (make sure to follow Chelsea on Instagram HERE)

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