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Unplug and Recharge

Unplug and Recharge

Our little ones are are best teachers, I truly believe that. He has made me reflect on and ponder over things on many occasions. One big realization is how often I reach for my phone to try and capture every moment. I mean when I take out my phone he sometimes shakes his head at it and turns away since he knows what's coming... paparazzi mama!

We as Mamas just want to preserve every precious little moment and milestone via pictures and videos. But many moments should be just embodied and uninterrupted by technology.

So I've attempted to be more mindful and place more intent on just living through through my moments with my little babe. I like to call it our unplug and recharge time.

As much as we all love and enjoy our social media outlets it's also nice to hold these sweet moments just between us. I invite all you Mamas to do the same. I promise you can do it!

Little man styled in our Pineapple Joggers Here.

-Lisa (make sure to follow Lisa on Instagram HERE)

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