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Weekly Mommy Daughter Dates

We have been adjusting well to life with two-under-two! One thing that I told myself I would do before I had Siena was to continue a weekly mommy-daughter date with Shae.

So every week since Siena was a couple weeks old, I have a nanny come over to the house and Shae and I go on our little adventures. We do some of Shae’s favorite things to do is go to the beach, getting ice cream, and going to our local little succulent café for coffee.

But I’ve been trying to stay away from doing the same things every time we go out, so I’ve been brainstorming and trying out new ideas besides the typical beach and park adventures for our little day dates that don’t cost much or are FREE and I wanted to share in case anyone does the same thing.

A Trip to a Nursery:

If your kids are nature lovers this one is super fun for them. Shae literally walks all over checking out touching and trying to pull of (I shake my head here lol) all of the different plants and flowers. She thinks it’s one of the coolest places and it don’t cost me a thing to take her, unless I fall in love with a plant, which ok…I’ll be honest, it happens almost every time.

The Pet Store:

This one is fun for the both of us and it teaches your children to be gentle and loving to animals. Not only that, we get to play with the different pets and get them out of their cages for a bit. It really breaks my heart to see them in there and most places won’t pressure you into actually buying a pet as they really want to see the animals interacted with as well. Shae gets a real kick out of cats and birds, but I’m still trying to teach her that not every animal’s name is “dog.”

Library Story-Time:

I have yet to take Shae to this but I’m going to this month. I had no idea they even had this for kids (new parent problems). Once or twice a week your local library may host this where they read and sometimes dance to a group of kids.  

A Picnic:

Simple, peaceful, and easy.

Mommy & Me Fitness Classes:

Many local YMCA’s or other community programs have some sort of fitness classes for children that involve parents! Our local YMCA has Mommy & Me: Ballet, Move ‘n Groove, Yoga, and Strollerjam. How neat is that?

With our world becoming so technology driven, I believe it’s important to remember to show our kids that there are other fun things besides TV, iPads, video games, and etc. So I remind myself to set a good example and try not to be on my phone (except for a few quick pics of course) while we are out together.

I’m so thankful to be able to do this with her and she adores the one-on-one time even if it’s for a couple of hours. I’d love to hear what everyone does for fun with their little ones!

This little cutie styled in out Light Grey Suspenders HERE.

-AnnMarie (make sure to follow AnnMarie on Instagram HERE)

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