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Yogurt Toast Recipe

Yogurt Toast

You can’t log onto Instagram for more than 5 minutes without scrolling through a photo of avocado toast. Don’t get me wrong- the discovery of smashed or sliced avocado on my toast has literally changed my life, but when the mornings are super sticky and I want something a little more refreshing, I turn to my other friend: yogurt toast.

I know- I know- yogurt on toast seems weird and downright wrong. But, as my son says to his Mimi anytime she balks at his newest food obsession:  come on, just try it! 

The best part of this is that you likely have everything you need in your home: your fave bread (I’m a big fan of nutty multigrain breads), your fave yogurt (this works best with a thick yogurt like greek or skyr), and any toppings you may have around. 

Here are some ideas to get your yogurt toast off on the right foot:



A quick spread of 4% vanilla Siggi’s (my absolute fave) with a seasonal apple, sliced super thinly, a sprinkle of chia seeds and lemon zest to give your morning a little extra love. 

Same with this crusty Italian toast topped with blueberries and chia:


Extra points if they were picked yourself :)

When pomegranates are in season adding some seeds to the top of my yogurt toast is like a delicacy. 



For my son and hubby who hate munching on the seeds, I just add a few to my lemon squeezer and top his toast with just the pomegranate juice. Snack heaven!



It even works to make savory toasts a little better. Next time you’re in the mood for Avo toast, spread a thin layer of plain yogurt first. You’ll be thanking me later! Bonus points if you then add a little prosciutto on top:



I served this up as as app at a small dinner party and people could not stop raving! 

Finally, a little spread on your ever so sweet and slightly toasted pound cake is a great way to add fresh fruit to your dessert to lighten it up. This particular pound cake was a meyer lemon poppy seed cake, but any pound cake will do. I topped it with a smear ofstrawberry rhubarb 4% yogurt from Siggis and some fresh seasonal berries. 



So, who’s jumping aboard the yogurt toast train?? All aboard!!

-Christine (make sure to follow Christine on Instagram HERE)

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